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American casino game players love playing craps, be it at a land based casino or one of the many virtual venues to have opened their doors online in recent years. Played with dice, you no longer need to head anywhere in person to enjoy a game. Simply log in to your online account at one of the great American friendly online casinos we have featured right here and play as you please!

The rowdy crowd surrounding the craps table that is always being shown in movies is a good example of how much fun this great casino game can be, but can also be a little intimidating for players new to the world of online gambling in general, or craps in particular. Luckily, there are a host of guides, hints and tips available for both newcomers learning how to play and more experienced gamblers looking to polish their game a little.

You will quickly and easily be able to find free mode versions of the games of craps, where you will be able to hone your skills until you feel confident enough to take on the thrilling world of real money casino games. Don’t let the idea that it is a game that it is impossible to learn or really excel at spoil your fun! It is a very easy game to play and you will soon be having fun and winning money as you roll those virtual dice.

While the more complicated side bets are options when you know your way around, initially all a new player needs to understand is that he or she will be placing a bet based on the combined number the roll of a set of dice will reveal. The person rolling the dice is known as the shooter, and her or she can win the game according to this first roll of the dice, lose it, or continue playing for more rounds.

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Pass Line Craps Betting  Online

The shooter will place his or her bet on the craps table before the first roll of the dice, and one option for a wager is betting on the pass line. After the first roll of the dice has been completed, also known as the come out roll, should the dice total add up to either seven or eleven the shooter wins. If the dice totals add up to two, three or twelve, the pass line bet is lost. Four, five, six, eight, nine and ten will result in the point number being made, and the game will carry on. The player will keep trying to roll the same point number, but if a total of seven occurs the game is over and he or she loses.

With the dizzying array of online casinos available today, finding a legitimate place to enjoy a game of craps can be a sometimes overwhelming task. No more! This website has listed the very finest American online casinos in operation at the moment, and, with our list constantly updated, you will never run out of a brand new place to play again! Make use of the ratings and reviews provided to choose a casino right now and get into a game today.