Online Sic Bo USA

Sic bo is becoming a progressively more popular casino game for American players to enjoy online. It is one of the most antiquated casino games still being played today, with the current version being based on an archaic Chinese game from the early 1800’s and this fact alone makes playing it a rather fascinating experience. With more and more American online casinos offering the game as an option for their clientele to enjoy, the game will continue to recruit new fans, and it could possibly last another two hundred years!

The bigger online casinos will offer various sic bo variations, with chuck a luck being the most popular in the United States. The birdcage shaped dice shaker gives this variant its nickname, birdcage, and this game has the dealer controlling the dice until they fall.

Grand hazard is another well-known variant, and is played with three dice. The two dice version is simply named hazard, and both were invented in the United Kingdom.

The different styles available for sic bo can intimidate new players, but they will be pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of its rules when they give it a chance. Keep practicing in free mode until you understand the styles and betting choices, and use the help provided in the various guides available here to get you into the groove of this fun online casino game. There are hints of online roulette to be found in it, and this can be a bridge to understanding it for players who have never tried it. Once you get started, however, you will soon find out why its popularity is on the increase!

Newcomers must bear in mind that the odds change according to which wagers you choose to make, and do not remain the same for the entire game. The less complicated bets that offer players the lowest risks have odds reflecting that, while those that are more intricate and are attached to larger payouts because of the accompanying increase in risk will raise the odds significantly. Stick to the simpler bets until you get your head around them and can approach the riskier wagers more confidently.

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Types of Online Sic Bo Bets

The easiest bets are those known as big and small wagers. Select one and collect your payout according to the roll of the dice. Totals of eleven or higher will ensure a big bet win, while those with a total of ten or less favor the small bet. This is just one example that proves how simple and enjoyable sic bo can be once you get into it.

The quickest way to wrap your head around this fascinating game is to play it as much as you can. You will find a selection of the best American online sic bo casinos right here, along with ratings and reviews, and you can enjoy the time you spend online in the full knowledge that your game play is fair and safe as well as fun. Open your online account today, and take a trip back in time when you give sic bo a chance!